Bristol half marathon 2017 - LOVELY LISA

carla whittle

For everyone that has been affected by this awful disease - LETS BEAT IT TOGETHER!!

The Coda Running Club Chase The Sun

The Coda Running Club workshops

andrew cheong


Alfredo's half Marathon

Alfredo Fernandez

I am helping to fund-raise for the charity World Cancer Research Fund in order to help fight cancer.

Artists Unite for Cancer prevention

andrew cheong

A group of Singapore based watercolorist and painters will hold an art exhibition / sale. 100% of all proceeds will go to the WCRF. This will be done in Singapore where Andrew Cheong is based. Artists come from a diverse background - NAFA art students and alumni, amateur and professional art teachers, watercolorist, chinese art painters, urban sketchers etc. All bound by a common passion for art. Details of the venue, opening hours will be updated soon.

The Garden House 15 mile walk for World Cancer Research Fund

Tom Ingram

Walking 15 miles this November across Dartmoor to help raise money for World Cancer Research Fund

Toral's 40th birthday

Toral Shah

I'm pledging my birthday for World Cancer Research Fund to support the phenomenal global research that the charity sponsors to investigate cancer prevention through lifestyle and nutrition.

Josh & Guy Run the Half Marathon

Guy Nakamura

We've all had loved ones suffer from cancer and wanted to show our support for a great cause by running the furthest we ever have tied together...

No-Junk June

Lexi Partridge

I would like to raise money to support research in preventing cancer.

Jackie's challenge

Jacqueline Emery

This is a cause close to my heart. Like many others I have had friends and family affected by cancer. It is all too common and some cancers still have a very poor prognosis. I unfortunately lost my father to pancreatic cancer. I feel we need to invest in prevention and research into prevention so that the next generation is less affected.

Helen's Raising Funds by Dumping the Junk and Losing Pounds

Helen Robinson

To raise money for the World Cancer Research Fund to keep making progress in the fight against cancer.

Dump the junk - no takeaways in June...

Rachel Ryan

We love takeaways, but cancer's a bitch.