Everyone loves a summer afternoon tea party. Could you host one with a healthier, fruitier twist and help support our cancer prevention research at the same time?

Whether it's for friends and family at home, a street party for you and your neighbours, or for colleagues in your office, a Big Fruitea Party this summer will make a massive difference to our work

Hosting your charity afternoon tea party couldn't be easier and it's the perfect chance to get together with friends for a great cause this summer. Register today for your free party kit which has everything you'll need to host the perfect event!

How will my support help?

For over 25 years we've been funding innovative scientific research into how small, positive lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of developing cancer.

We now know that a third of the most common cases of cancer could be prevented if people followed our recommendations. That's an extra 80,000 cancer-free lives in the UK every year.

However, our work isn't finished. The money you raise at your Big Fruitea Party this summer will help us to continue to fund vital new research as we aim to understand more about cancer prevention.


£25 provides a health professional with a pack of resources and tools to help when talking with patients about how to reduce cancer risk.


£50 keeps 100 doctors and nurses informed of the latest cancer research, allowing them to provide their patients with the best care possible.


£150 funds a scientist to carry out a day of research, which could have a real impact on people’s ability to make decisions to reduce the risk of cancer.

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