We joined forces to raise over £5,000 through coffee mornings, bridge drives, a summer party, an Italian evening and through other member’s paying to guess my handicap by the end of the year!

- Ron Lindsay

Golf clubs are fantastic places to raise funds, either through support from the Captain or the club, or you can organise your own event at a local course.

Organise an event

Here are some of our top fundraising ideas to tee you off:

  • Choose us as your charity of the year
  • Hold a Captain’s Day event
  • Take part in a hole-in-one tournament

Whatever you decide to do, we're here to support you. Please contact the Fundraising Team on 020 7343 4200 or email [email protected] to discuss any fundraising ideas and to request materials.

Be inspired

Sarah Hampel and Ron Lindsay (the Ladies’ and Men’s captains) from Denham Golf Club chose us as their charity of the year after being inspired by a talk about cancer prevention from our Health Information team.

The club came together to raise an outstanding £5,195 by organising fundraising activities throughout the year.

Why it matters

Our research has shown that we are not powerless against cancer, and simple changes can make a big difference to our risk of getting this disease.

With your help we can help people to live cancer-free lives.

However you decide to support us, as a golf club or as club members, you’ll be raising vital funds to help reduce the number of people affected by cancer.

Request our free fundraising pack

Email us to request your free fundraising pack and let us know how you’re planning to get involved by filling in our simple form. Your support will mean that we can continue learning more about cancer prevention and help even more people to a healthier, cancer free future.

Thank you, and happy golfing!

Get in touch

If you wish to discuss any fundraising ideas or need further information, please contact the Fundraising Team on 020 7343 4200 or email [email protected].