andrew cheong Please donate to help others improve cancer survival or lower the risk of getting cancer

Dear friends and fellow runners

In Singapore about 2 out of 3 persons are affected by cancer, and chances are you know of a loved one, friend, colleague or neighbor who is. While a cure is yet to be found, we believe prevention is the best cure, so please help with a donation and support the WCRF to promote cancer prevention through regular exercise, weight management and a healthy diet - these are things I believe in personally and is also what is about.

For your kind donation, you are invited to attend our workshops on running gait improvement, core strength training, nutrition, mental toughness and more. If you run, having the correct running gait and posture is essential - even if you do other sports as most sports involve some running. For details and to register, please visit -

If you are attending our workshops, we are requesting your support for a minimum donation of £10 per workshop (approx S$18) as the entry fees, please feel free to give more !

Too busy to attend? You can still contribute by making a donation of any amount, please click on the Donate button on the top of the screen now !

Is your company or organization keen to donate? For corporate donations, please email [email protected] to discuss. In return, along with our strategic partners will conduct lunch talks, corporate seminars and workshops on healthy living, nutrition, exercise, pain management, running and more.

Thank you for your support ! andrew cheong