Get Fruity

Get FruityGet Fruity! is our year-round fundraising and awareness campaign for schools.

By holding a Get Fruity! event, you’ll be helping children to enjoy eating fruit and vegetables and develop habits that help them stay healthy throughout their lives.

Plus you’ll be raising money for our research into how to prevent cancer.

Fundraising ideas

There are many different ways to celebrate Get Fruity! in your school. Here are some of our favourites:

  • hold a skipathon, disco or sporting event, with fruity slices to cool down afterwards
  • come to school dressed in the colour of your favourite fruit
  • swap the cake sale for a fruit sale, with melon slices, raspberry muffins and fruit kebabs

Children at Brimington Manor Infant and Nursery School near Chesterfield in Derbyshire raised more than £2,000 with their Get Fruity! event

They took part in a sponsored skip, with family and friends donating money for every jump completed in two minutes.

The following day at school was Fruity Friday, with children dressed in fruity colours or wearing fruit-themed fancy dress. In class, children learned about the benefits of healthy eating and tasted different types of fruit.

We’ll send you a free fundraising pack

Get Fruity! can be held for individual classes, the whole school or at after-school and breakfast clubs. To get started, we’ll send you a FREE Get Fruity! pack with:

  • lesson plans, teacher notes, fact sheets and stickers
  • healthy recipes with clear, child-friendly instructions
  • how-to sheets for craft activities
  • a collection box for your school reception

Priyanka Kotecha, Events Manager

You can hold your fundraiser whenever it suits you.

Get in touch with Priyanka, Events Manager, to order a FREE pack.

t: 020 7343 4200