Including a gift to World Cancer Research Fund in my will was such a positive thing to do. I’m happy to know that even after I’m gone, I can still do something about a better future for everyone.

– Ruth Penny

We are working towards a world where no one develops a preventable cancer. We need your help to learn more about how cancer risk is affected by our lifestyles.

Over the next 20 years the number of new cancer cases is expected to rise by about 70% but our research shows that a third of all cancer cases are preventable through simple lifestyle changes. That’s around 80,000 cancer cases in the UK every year that could be prevented through changes to diet, weight and physical activity.

Leaving us a gift in your Will 

Your kind gift would help fund our much-needed research into cancer prevention and survival, and help us empower people to protect themselves and their families against cancer in the years to come.

Family and friends will always come first but by leaving just a little of what's left to World Cancer Research Fund you could ensure that your loved ones futures are free from cancer. 

We value legacy gifts of all types and sizes. A gift in your Will would help towards a future free from cancer. 

If you'd like to discuss anything about your Will, in strictest confidence, please email our Legacy Manager or call 020 7343 4200.

We can help


Ruth Penny began supporting us after our advice on diet and exercise helped her to regain her health after a breast cancer diagnosis. If, like Ruth you would like to include a gift to us in your Will and help prevent cancer for future generations, you can start today by ordering our Free Will Guide or contacting our Legacy Development Manager.