We know that you are as passionate about ending preventable cancer as we are. That is why we promise to put any generous gift you choose to give to us to good use.

Your donations make a difference

Your generosity, no matter what size, can have a huge impact on our work to end preventable cancer.

  • £10 could allow us to reach 20 community health workers with our cancer prevention information. Your support would keep these health professionals updated on ways to prevent cancer, so that they can advise their patients.
  • £50 would help us to keep 100 doctors and nurses informed of the latest cancer prevention research, so that they can provide their patients with the best care possible.
  • £100 would allow us to share educational health information with the general public, so that they can take control of their health.
  • £200 could buy one wearable activity monitor and one accelerometer for a cancer survivor to wear to investigate whether physical activity improves their quality of life, overall health and importantly, stops or delays the cancer returning.
  • £500 could help train the next generation of cancer experts. Your gift could give a new PhD student the skills and equipment needed to work in the complex field of diet, nutrition, physical activity and cancer.
  • £1,250 could help develop professionals working on ways to prevent cancer worldwide.
  • £5,000 could fund a Fellowship for a cancer prevention expert to undertake an initial study into how to reduce cancer risk through diet, nutrition and physical activity.
  • £20,000 would allow us to hold a training event on cancer prevention for 100 community health workers. Your gift would enable delegates to start their patients on a journey to better health, and a future free from cancer.