I would like WCRF’s work to continue to expand so that their cancer prevention messages reach more people. That’s why I’ve left a gift to WCRF in my Will. I know I’m helping future generations.

– Barbara Knowles

Your support will do amazing things to prevent cancer, helping thousands of people every year to live cancer free lives.

Our supporters are our lifeline... we simply could not do this without people like you.

You can help us end preventable cancer

You can choose to donate regularly, make a one-off donation, take part in an event, fundraise in your local area or leave a gift in your Will. You will be helping to fund our innovative cancer prevention research and build a future free from preventable cancers.

We receive no government funding, so your support is vital to help us to continue to fund scientific research into how we can all reduce our cancer risk.

When you make a donation to prevent cancer you will…

  • Take our research further, funding scientists studying the impact of lifestyle on cancer prevention
  • Reduce the number of people affected by cancer
  • Help us to reach more people with our expert advice and recommendations for preventing cancer
  • Help us to advocate for healthier environments and provide a healthier future for us all

Supporters like you

Barbara Knowles supports our innovative research with a regular monthly donation. She believes that together we can stop preventable cancers and save millions of people from going through the suffering that this disease causes.

Barbara became aware of our work after losing both parents, and a number of friends and relatives to cancer. A story that is far too familiar to us all.

Read Barbara’s story and find out more about our other amazing fundraisers, supporters and volunteers.