Victoria Cooper

Victoria decided to include a gift to World Cancer Research Fund in her will after attending a supporter event at the Globe Theatre in October 2015.

My mum and brother-in-law both died of cancer, and I don’t want my children and my children’s children to have to go through that kind of trauma. That’s why I’ve left a legacy in my will to help your work.

“We need to encourage our children to eat properly and get plenty of exercise. And it’s not just the children we have to educate – it’s their parents too. That can make such a big difference.

“I feel that if we all did a little bit to help, then things could be so different. By leaving a little in my will, I know that I’ve tried and my gift will possibly make a difference – I think we all want to know that we’ve made a difference, don’t we?

“We all want a better world for the next generation that’s coming along and I’m convinced there will be a breakthrough and we will find a way to prevent all cancers. We all need to have that hope.”