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Bolton Cancer Voices have found a way to embrace living with cancer through song. We met their founder, Karen Elliott, to find out more
Can a person with cancer have a massage? Can massage spread cancer? We asked expert John Holman to explain oncology massage and answer people's fears.
You may be surprised by the number of calories in a Christmas dinner – but there are hidden health benefits to turkey with all the trimmings
Men have to stop ignoring medical symptoms – early intervention can save lives
All you need to know about fats and oils, including the difference between saturated and unsaturated, the healthiest oil for salad dressings and the best oil for cooking
A study claims that eating 2 mushrooms a day can halve your risk of cancer. Is the research too good to be true?
Former Wimbledon player Dave Willis shares his love of playing the beautiful game – at a slower pace
Almost 17,000 new cancer cases in the UK were linked to alcohol in 2020 – that’s around 46 new diagnoses every day.
The National Food Strategy, commissioned by the UK government, recommends ways to shake up how food is produced and the kinds of diets most people eat
Mystery and misinformation surround the menopause, especially when it comes to hormone replacement therapy
Move over 5 A DAY, there’s a new healthy eating goal in town – do you eat 30 different plant-based foods a week?
It's not easy to know what to believe about cancer. We asked a doctor to look at 6 myths and examine the evidence
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Healthier eating can also mean a healthier wallet. Make your meals go further with our tips for affordable eating.
Are you confused by what traffic light symbols on food packaging actually mean? Our quick guide can help you
Top tips, tried and tested by experts, to make your home baking healthier and help you eat less fat, sugar and salt
From organic food to artificial sweeteners, we separate fact from fiction
From sautéing to steaming, our guide to the healthiest ways to cook will help you get the best out of food and retain essential nutrients
We often hear about a balanced diet but what does it really mean? Our experts reveal what – and how much – you should eat from each food group
Recent research has looked into using diet therapy to ‘starve’ cancer cells of energy. But what does the science show?
The Eatwell Guide from Public Health England says a healthy diet should now include even more fruit, veg and fibre-rich starchy carbohydrates
Going back to pubs and socialising with friends and family doesn't have to mean unhealthy living
Expert nutritionist Clare Collins explains what you need to include in a balanced diet, and why it's so important
We’ve been busy with the charcoal to come up with some brand-new recipes to spice up your barbecue this summer
How to make the most of leftovers and keep fruit fresh for longer
Exercise shouldn't be a scary word for older adults. It can make us stronger, more independent AND help to reduce cancer risk
With walking one of the few outdoor activities that's OK during lockdown, Geoff shares how he's inspiring people in his local area
The combination of job losses, money problems and health worries are all contributing to an increase in stress levels.
Our expert oncology dietitian explores whether a vegan diet is safe for people living with and beyond cancer
Read about Junior Cooks Club – our new collaboration with Cook School
Charlotte’s ideas on getting kids to eat their 5 A DAY
'Hell-thy' alternatives to traditional, sugary, Halloween snacks
If your child is a picky eater, advice from our expert nutritionist Charlotte can help
How it feels to run your first marathon without the crowds
What is the correct portion size for a child? An award-winning nutritionist explains
Cook it! Move it! Grow it! Learn it! with Mixer, Flower, Pedal and Searcher
What influences the food we eat and how much exercise we do?
A look back over 30 years of public health campaigns
We’ve learnt a lot in 30 years. Melissa takes a look at the progress we have made towards understanding cancer prevention
Today, the UK government has announced plans on how it hopes to tackle the obesity crisis
Do you want to be more active again?
Why our new e-Learning course is a must for health professionals
This Father's Day we want to give a shout-out to your dad!
The NHS Couch to 5K app is a great way for anyone to become a runner
Ever thought, ‘what do dietitians do?’ Marina gives us an insight
Choosing the wrong type of snacks can lead to an unhealthy diet, so here are our top tips for smart snacking
Tips for avoiding excess food and alcohol during times of stress
Cook it, snap it, pass it on!
Want to be part of something bigger?
What are the links between obesity and COVID-19?
Try out these exercises in and around your home to stay active during the coronavirus pandemic
Easter-themed activities for kids of all ages
Self-isolation with children will be easier with these great activity ideas
Giving you a chance to honour your Mum wherever you are
Reliable sources of information on what steps we should all be taking to protect ourselves and others
Our nutrition expert, Matt, gives the lowdown on vitamin C
Caroline Cerny shares insights on the junk food marketing industry
Matt Lambert, WCRF nutritionist, gives advice on a healthy vegan diet for Veganuary
In vino veritas? This Dry January, Isobel explores how bigger glasses and stronger wines are upping our alcohol intake
Cook these recipes for your party guests this Christmas, and give your guests the gift of flavour!
After spending the day at a computer, it’s wonderful to be back in the saddle
Why we shouldn't bring home the bacon after all
Matt Lambert takes a look at the UK’s updated physical activity guidelines
Changing your habits can be hard and Sidonie explains why
After my wedding day – not having my mum there to enjoy it was heart wrenching – I decided that I wanted to help
Encouraging exercise among people with a cancer diagnosis
Fish and bowel cancer were in the headlines last week. Our resident nutritionist gives us the inside scoop
Who is Glenn, the man accompanying Patrick McIntosh to Tokyo?
Paul Brennan, one of our researchers, investigates whether drinking hot tea increases the risk of oesophageal cancer
The sun causes skin cancer, so why are we still sunbathing?
Do people really know what causes cancer? Or care? We took to the streets and surveyed the nation to find out
Thursday 2 July 2015. The day my world fell apart. The day I was diagnosed with leukaemia.
The UK has changed its tune on fish, meaning tuna no longer counts as one of your recommended portions of oily fish
Follow our snacking tips for topping up on healthy nutrients
A bestselling author’s very personal take on alcohol culture in the UK
We’ve created an easy online quiz, our Cancer Health Check
Get your mornings off to a great start with our healthy breakfast tips and ideas
Want to get involved in Sugar Awareness Week, but not sure where to start? Here's some tips to help you reduce your sugar intake.
We’re often asked whether soy products affect a person’s risk of cancer – with mixed beliefs about whether it will...
Fish can be an important part of a healthy diet and help you eat less red meat – we show you how to grill, poach, bake, steam and stir fry fish
We know that drinking alcohol increases the risk of several cancers, but surely just one drink a day won’t hurt, right? Actually it could – evidence from our new report shows that even moderate drinkers are putting themselves at an increased risk of breast cancer.
5 A DAY explained including does fruit juice count? What about baked beans, potatoes and raisins? And is it OK to eat 5 fruit and no veg?
A mineral found in Brazil nuts may play a role in the prevention of prostate cancer progression, a study funded by World Cancer Research Fund has found.
You may have seen some headlines recently on how overcooking starchy foods, like toast, chips or roast potatoes, can increase your cancer risk. We wanted to look at the evidence, to see if we should dial back the toaster and rethink our roasties.
Like so many people, drinking alcohol used to be the main way I socialised. I’d meet up with friends in the pub during the week over a glass of wine or two and went out drinking most weekend nights. In 2016, I decided to make a change.
We know that eating too much red meat can increase our risk of bowel cancer – but what can we eat instead?
Whether we work in health or not, we’re all aware of the familiar list of excuses that people give for why they struggle to be healthier – and often catch ourselves using them too!
Joining our challenge to dump the junk? Here are some handy tips to keep you going throughout June!
Rates of cancers of the mouth are increasing worldwide due to an increase in those cancers that are linked to a sexually transmitted infection called human papillomavirus (HPV).
It’s Salt Awareness Week! Many people already know that ready meals are high in salt. They might also be aware of the high salt content in processed products such as crisps, soup and stock cubes.
Satisfy your takeaway cravings with these tasty and nutritionist-approved favourites
Meet the World Cancer Research Fund bloggers
A recent article questioned whether frozen food is better than fresh, as the ‘freezing process might better preserve vitamins and minerals’.
If we believe recent, excited headlines that scream ‘pizza could count as one of your five a day’, then it seems we could all be racking up our fruit and vegetable portions by way of Italy’s finest export. But before dashing to the takeaway, let’s look behind the headlines of a story that seems too good to be true.
World Cancer Research Fund has defended the UK’s ‘traffic light’ food labelling system after the EU confirmed it had requested the UK government respond to criticisms from food companies.
Portion sizes of foods in the UK have spiralled “out of control” according to a new report. The Portion Distortion report compared the portion sizes of 245 shop-bought foods with portion sizes of the same foods 20 years ago, and found that many had increased significantly.
Bowel cancer is the UK’s fourth most prevalent form of cancer and the second biggest killer. Its discovery is sometimes a cause for embarrassment, which partially explains the high number of cases that are not identified until the disease is at an advanced stage.
With recent headlines such as “Sweet poison: why sugar is ruining our health” and “Sugar – as dangerous as alcohol and tobacco” it seems that sugar is this year’s hot topic.
A new study is being reported in the media suggesting a link between eggs and prostate cancer.
I can imagine people who have read today’s media coverage about fruits and vegetables and cancer risk might be feeling confused. It is all too easy when organisations like World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) say it is important to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables for cancer prevention and then newspapers like the Guardian report that “Fruit and vegetables do not reduce overall cancer risk”.
You may have seen an article in the Daily Mail about a new book by Zoe Harcombe on the obesity epidemic. The article runs through Zoe’s ‘myth-busting’ conclusions. Looking at her overall message, Zoe basically disagrees with the advice you would get from mainstream health organisations. The result of this is that people are likely to become confused.
There is a story in the news today about how some fruits and vegetables may be better for us than others. But the evidence does not suggest that fashionable fruits and vegetables such as blueberries and papaya are any better for us than traditional produce like broccoli and carrots.
You might have seen some coverage in the news about a new study suggesting vitamin pills may reduce risk of cancer.